SEA HORSE Hydraulic Oil 68 [206 LTR – 1 DRUM]


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SEAHORSE Hydraulic fubricants are ant wear hydraulic oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern high performance pumps and hydraulic systems. They are blended from highly refined paraffinic base oils and act wear addition SEA HORSE Hydraulic oils meet or exceed the requirements for industrial and mobile

hydraulic systems which call for Denison HF-0, HF 1,1F-2

Vickers 1-286-5 and M-2950-S Cincinnati Machine P-68, 69, P:70

US Steel 127,136

Ford M6C-32

SEAHORSF Hydraulic oils offer the following benefits; Superior hydralytic stability

☐ Excellent protection against rust and corrosion ☐ Excellent thermal and oxidative stability

Outstanding demulsibility

#Superb protection against foaming and rubber swell. The hydraulic series is not intended for use in pumps containing silver plated parts which

requireziric-free aus TOPICAL CHARACTERISTICS

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SEA HORSE Hydraulic Oil 68 [206 LTR - 1 DRUM]


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